"Don't count the days. Make the days count."
-Muhammad Ali
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Our Mission

Every time you step inside Elite Boxing & Fitness, you’ll find 3 things:

  • A fun and challenging workout that is never routine
  • A staff of motivating trainers to push you as far as you want to go, (and beyond)
  • A “gym family” of members who will support and encourage you all the way

Fitness is about becoming a better version of yourself each and every day so that you can be better at everything else you do in life.

We believe there’s no faster route to fitness than the sweet science: boxing. Widely considered the most effective workout you can find, boxing combines cardio and strength training into one badass discipline. And there’s more: Boxing builds stamina, endurance, coordination and self- confidence. Nothing is more empowering than realizing just how powerful you can be, right? ANYONE can do this. You set the pace.

Trying to lose weight? Boxing will do it. Looking for a workout that’s fun and never boring? Boxing has you covered. Ready to transform your body and empower your spirit? Boxing holds the key.

At Elite, you’ll train like a real fighter, minus the contact. However, if you discover a passion for the sport (as many of our members do), we can teach you how to spar and even help you pursue an amateur fighting experience. It’s all up to you.

We know variety helps keep you motivated, so we’ve built a solid roster of classes to complement your boxing workout, including barre, yoga, boxfit, TranscenDance, and conditioning. We also have a full complement of equipment including treadmills and rowing machines, free weights, a power rack, a competition-sized ring, heavy bags, gloves and more.

Whether you drop in for one class a week, or get in here for your daily sweat, you’re kicking your fitness into high gear at Elite Boxing & Fitness.

Welcome to the family!


Tracey Pierce
Tracey Pierce

With a blue belt in Muay Thai and Krav Maga, Tracey knows how empowering it is to train in the martial arts. She launched Elite Boxing & Fitness to share that empowerment with everyone who walks in the door. Her popular classes often end with members making sweat angels on the gym floor! A certified personal trainer, Tracey wants to see every member leave a little stronger, and a little more confident than when they first came in.

Classes: BoxFit, Conditioning, Personal Training

Leah Taylor
Leah Taylor

A native of New Zealand, Leah’s been teaching fitness for a decade and holds a degree in Sport and Exercise Science & Physiology. She’s certified to teach Total Barre, a class that blends ballet, Pilates, strength and cardio movements. Leah loves to pair the routines with inspiring music to give her students a fun and rewarding workout. She just wants to stay fit and inspire others to do the same.

Classes: Barre

Kimberly Peltier
Kimberly Peltier

Kim’s deep love for boxing started in 2012, with a simple goal to lose weight. Less than a year later, she fought in her first match, for Haymakers for Hope. Since then she has had several amateur fights, including a bout in the 2014 NE Golden Gloves. By sparring and sharing her technical skills, Kim plays a key role in helping other fighters in the gym to prepare for Haymakers. She’s also a Level-1 Coach with USA Boxing, and a registered nurse.

Classes: Boxing, Conditioning

Mary Del Pino
Mary Del Pino

About six years ago, Mary tried boxing for the first time, and instantly fell in love. She says boxing saved her life, as she’d been overweight and unhealthy. Since then, she’s managed professional boxers and MMA fighters. She is currently on the management team of 3x World Champion, Kali Reis. In the gym, Mary helps run the front office as well as teaches classes. She loves helping gym members reach their fitness goals. In her "spare time" she’s a personal chef and custom baker.

Classes: Boxing, Conditioning, Elite Kids' Boxing

Paul Locke
Paul Locke

Paul is a USA Boxing Certified Coach and former amateur boxer.

Classes: Boxing Drills


Intro to Boxing

30 minutes. This orientation to the basics of boxing prepares you for your first hour-long boxing workout. Learn proper stance and how to punch, block, slip and move around the ring. This mini class is recommended prior to taking a traditional Boxing class.

Boxing for Beginners

Hit the bags hard with this intense boxing workout that mixes heavy bag training with core conditioning, shadowboxing, and footwork to boost strength, coordination, and endurance. Bring a big towel; this is a calorie torcher.

Traditional Boxing Drills

Drills on the heavy bags, and in the ring. Lots of footwork, slipping, shadowboxing and hitting the pads. Be prepared to train like Ali.

Advanced Boxing / Sparring

For those who want to put their new boxing skills to the test, or train for a fight, we offer supervised sparring for any member with a current USA Boxing/New England Passbook. See us at the main desk for details on getting your passbook, and a list of things you’ll need to start sparring.


Get barefoot for the slow burn of this ballet-inspired workout. Combining elements of dance, yoga, Pilates and core conditioning, this class will lengthen and tone your core, arms, legs and derriere.

Conditioning Bootcamp

Increase balance, strength, and flexibility through a series of exercises using weights, medicine balls, ropes and pull-up bars, as well as your own body weight. Did someone say “plank?”


Crossfit meets boxing in this ever-changing combination of cardio, conditioning and strength moves using heavy bags, weights, ropes, and more. No muscle groups will go unchallenged in this super sweat machine.

Pads & Gloves

Partner up for this sparring-without-actually-sparring experience. Catch each other’s punches and kicks and learn proper techniques for basic self-defense in this fast-paced belly and butt burner.

Cardio Blast

Cardio Blast is an intense choreography-based class that features various modalities of cardiovascualar and strength training. This class is fun and challenging with modifications for everything.

Kickboxing/Muay Thai

From basics to advance of “The Art of 8 Limbs” Muay Thai uses feet, knees, elbows and punches. Training and experience in Muay Thai is great for self-defense or just a different kind of workout. Muay Thai differs from boxing in that it uses your whole body by involving your leg and your hips, activated by kicking. In class, we break down the techniques of Muay Thai and learn on the heavy bags and “Thai Pads”. You’ll be using muscles that you never knew you had!


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
5:30AM HIIT Cardio w/ Kelsey 5:30AM HIIT Cardio w/ Kelsey
8AM Cardio Blast w/ Tracey 8:00AM Conditioning w/ Tracey
9AM Boxing w/ Paul 9AM Boxing w/ Mary 8:30AM Boxing Bootcamp w/ Tracey 9AM Conditioning w/ Tracey 8:30AM BoxFit w/ Tracey
10AM Sparring w/ Paul 9:30AM Barre w/ Leah 9:30AM Barre w/ Leah 9AM Boxing w/ Mary 9:00AM Boxing w/ Paul
5:30PM Weights w/ Tracey 5:30PM Boxing w/ Mary 5PM Intro to Boxing 10AM Sparring w/ Paul
6PM Intro to Boxing
6:30PM Boxing Drills w/ Mary 5:30PM BoxFit w/ Tracey 6:30PM Boxing w/ Mary 5:30PM Boxfit w/Paul
7:30PM Open Sparring 6:30PM Barre w/ Leah 6:30PM Boxing w/ Paul

7:30PM Open Sparring



$99per month

  • Automatic Payment from Checking or Credit
  • Unlimited Classes
  • +$15 for 24/7 Key Access

$65per month

  • Automatic Payments from Checking or Credit
  • Unlimited Classes
  • +$15 for 24/7 Key Access

$135per month

  • Unlimited classes
    for entire household
  • Elite Kids Program
  • 24/7 Key Access


  • Once A Week Only: $40 per month (Automatic Payment from Checking or Credit, Includes ONE class per week ONLY)
  • Elite Kids: $60 per month (2 Kids Program Classes per week.)
  • 10 Class Punch Card: $120 (10 Classes, never expires - for any class on our schedule)
  • Drop In: $15 per class
  • Month to Month or 3-month packages are also available.


Elite Boxing, LLC.
184 Orne Street
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(508) 699-4029
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