Class Overview.

Your first class is FREE! All of our classes are Co-ed, and appropriate for all levels.

Intro to Boxing

30 minutes. This orientation to the basics of boxing prepares you for your first hour-long boxing workout. Learn how to wrap your hands, proper stance, correct punch form, and the basics of defense and footwork. This mini class is recommended prior to taking one of our Boxing Drills classes.

Boxing/ Bag Drills

You will learn authentic boxing technique at Elite.  USA Boxing Certified Coach-led classes include Jump rope,  core conditioning, abdominal work, mitt work, Bag work, footwork, defense and (if you’re “lucky” even some one-on one time with the Coach) are all part of an intense boxing workout that will boost your strength, coordination, power, accuracy, speed and endurance.  Train like a fighter, or work toward your first amateur fight!

Advanced Boxing / Sparring

Ready to put your new boxing skills to the test?  Train for an amateur fight? Or just get in fighting shape, we offer supervised sparring for any member with a current USA Boxing Athlete Passbook. See one of our Coaches for more information.

Conditioning Classes

Increase overall strength, endurance, and flexibility through a series of exercises using weights, medicine balls, ropes, sled, plyo boxes, pull-up bars and body weight exercises mixed with plenty of cardio. Did someone say “plank?”

Torched Kickboxing

Punching and kicking combos on the bags mixed with plenty of strength and cardio!  Calories will be TORCHED with Tiffany!

Wreck Bag Class

A unique way to work your entire body!  Intense strength and cardio workout using weighted “wreck” sand bags as well as other equipment to challenge your willpower and endurance!

Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinsons

Elite Boxing is an officially certified ROCK STEADY BOXING gym.  Boxing has been tested and proven to fight the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.  We help you improve posture, balance, voice, hand-eye coordination, overall strength and cardio endurance.  Certified Coaches will guide you through a series of strength and balance exercises, followed up by hitting the bags!  Cool down and stretching is always included.  These classes are also a great opportunity to meet new friends and socialize!