Our Mission.

Every time you step inside Elite Boxing & Fitness, you’ll find 3 things:

  • A fun and challenging workout that is never routine
  • A staff of motivating trainers to push you as far as you want to go, (and beyond)
  • A “gym family” of members who will support and encourage you all the way

Fitness is about becoming a better version of yourself each and every day so that you can be better at everything else you do in life.

We believe there’s no faster route to fitness than the sweet science: boxing. Widely considered the most effective workout you can find, boxing combines cardio and strength training into one badass discipline. And there’s more: Boxing builds stamina, endurance, coordination and self- confidence. Nothing is more empowering than realizing just how powerful you can be, right? ANYONE can do this. You set the pace.

Trying to lose weight? Boxing will do it. Looking for a workout that’s fun and never boring? Boxing has you covered. Ready to transform your body and empower your spirit? Boxing holds the key.

At Elite, you’ll train like a real fighter, minus the contact. However, if you discover a passion for the sport (as many of our members do), we can teach you how to spar and even help you pursue an amateur fighting experience. It’s all up to you.

We know variety helps keep you motivated, so we’ve built a solid roster of classes to complement your boxing workout, including barre, kickboxing, boxfit, and conditioning. We also have cardio machines such as bikes, elliptical, treadmill and rowing machines.  Tons of free weights, olympic barbells, squat racks, bands, plyo equipment, TRX ,  monster tires, a competition-sized ring, heavy bags, speed bags and more.

We have many membership options to get you on track and kick your fitness into high gear at Elite Boxing & Fitness.

Welcome to the family!.